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Start with a bucket of fresh sour cherries…


There weren’t many sour cherries on our tree this year.  Although there were certainly enough to make a sour cherry pie.  Sour cherries are the best cherries for pie making.  They add just the right tartness.

Seems a little early for zucchini…

July 9 2013

The zucchini is really early this year.  I like to pick them when they’re about 7 or 8 inches long and either grill them or saute them with other veggies but I’ve had a bunch that got away on me and sized up really quickly. So I made zucchini sticks twice already this week.   If you find your zucchini growing faster than you can eat or share it, try my recipe for zucchini sticks – you’ll be glad you did!

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My garden is overflowing with spinach!


If your garden is overflowing with spinach then it’s time to make spinach salad.  Have to get that spinach picked before it goes to seed and I’ve created absolutely the best spinach salad recipe.  It uses lots of spinach and can be served as a complete meal as it’s very filling.  It’s definitely a must try!


Cherry trees are in bloom!

Cherry Tree in bloom

Well its definitely spring here.  The cherry trees are in bloom and tulips are everywhere. It’s time to start planting the vegetable garden.


Winter Mountain View

Winter Mountain View

Christmas baking

Christmas Cookies

Shortbread cookies are a favorite at this time of year.

Comfort food

There’s nothing more satisfying on a cold, damp day than a casserole still warm from the oven. I used the shepherd’s pie recipe from Janet & Greta Podleski’s The Looneyspoons collection cookbook. It was sooo good!!!

Salsa canned from fresh, ripe tomatoes

The apples are absolutely beautiful this year!

This warm fall weather has been wonderful for the apples. The galas are a rosy red over a golden background.

Hello fellow food lovers!

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