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Locally Grown Strawberries …

10 - StrawberriesWe happen to be fortunate enough to live right beside a strawberry farm and our neighbours grow the best strawberries I’ve ever tasted!  Nothing beats the taste of a fresh, ripe and juicy strawberry just plucked from the plant.  The supermarket variety just doesn’t compare so if you’ve never tasted a real strawberry head out to your nearest strawberry farm or local farmer’s market before strawberry season is done.  I picked up two flats of strawberries and froze them for winter eating.  What I do is remove the green stem and slice or dice the strawberries into small pieces and place them into small and medium size freezer bags and stack them in the freezer.  I don’t fill the bags very full though, just a thin layer so that its easy to break the chunks of berries apart when you want just a small amount to make smoothies or a larger amount for desserts such as a strawberry cheesecake.



Put your muffin pans away and try a better way with zucchini …



Yes, its that time of year again!  But wait… there is a better way. Give that zucchini muffin recipe a rest. When zucchini starts overflowing your garden be sure to try my recipe for  gluten free breaded zucchini sticks . You’ll be so very glad you did. I’ve been making these several times every summer for over twenty years and my husband still never seems to get enough.  They’re way better than the deep-fried variety and soooo easy to make. The dip really adds a lot to this dish so be sure to include it.