Grilled Strip Loin Steaks


This recipe gets the steaks cooked to a medium rare on most barbeques I’ve used.  Brushing the sauce onto the steaks right after flipping keeps them from drying out and flipping only once also seems to keep the juices in the meat.


  • 4 strip loin steaks, cut to 3/4″ thick
  • 1 tbsp. Montreal Steak Seasoning
  • 1/4 c. Cattleboyz barbeque sauce
  • 1 tbsp. Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce


1.  Preheat the barbeque grill to 500 degrees.

2.  Trim off the fat and grissle off the side of the steaks and sprinkle the steaks with the Montreal Steak Seasoning.

3.  Mix the two barbeque sauces together in a cup or mug.

3.  Turn the heat on the grill to low and spray the grilling surface with non-stick spray.  Place the steaks onto the grill and close the cover.  Grill steaks for 5 minutes.  Flip steaks and spread with the barbeque sauce mixture and grill for another 5 minutes.  Serve with a salad and potato wedges or baked potatoes.

2 responses to “Grilled Strip Loin Steaks

  1. By cutting the fat off of and coating a strip loin with bbq sauce your just completely ruining it … I know people have their taste but if you want more flavor you should at the most marinate them for an hour before cooking. Keep the bbq sauce for a cheap steak.

    • Thanks for your opinion on that Cory. But I have found that trimming the fat reduces the calorie count without sacrificing the flavour. Also it prevents flare ups on the grill, which would definitely ruin the steak. Applying bbq sauce to the top surface of the steak keeps it from drying out on the grill and doesn’t change the flavour of the meat itself. If you’re not into bbq sauce you could brush that marinade you were talking about on top of the steak and that would keep it moist as well. I don’t recommend marinating a nice cut like strip loin though. Its really not necessary to add all that liquid to it, rather its better for it to cook in its own natural juices. The key is not overcooking it. I have cooked hundreds of steaks by this method and I’ve had only compliments. It is my most requested dish. I hope you try it.

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